Many electrical, as well as electronic gadgets, use different types of relays to function correctly. Depending upon the type of equipment, the most suitable switching methodology needs to be used. In layman’s terms, a relay acts as a switch and changes the state in which a device continues to exist. All appliances including your smartphone, your laptop, and even your air conditioning require specific relaying equipment.

A Guide To RF Switching Systems

Classifications and categories

Auxiliary relays and protective relays are two of the essential types depending upon the application of the switching system. However, the classification of relays is done keeping in view the principles under which they operate. Solid state relays and electromechanical relays are two of the most prominent ratings. In recent years, the application of hybrid relays has become vital. A hybrid relay is a combination of solid state relays and electromechanical relays. It is the latest addition to the technology. It has all the benefits that an EMR and an SSR can provide.

Improvement is the name of the game

Initially, electromagnetic relays were most widely used on a large number of electronic devices. The operating coil of this type was crucial to the overall operation. With time, many problems erupted because of the wear and tear that electromechanical relays underwent. Even now many electronic devices have electromagnetic relays. But, power consumption is one of the significant issues associated with EMRs.

Manufacturers of electrical as well as electronic gadgets started using solid state relays in place of EMRs. SSRs did not need a lot of energy to operate correctly. At the same time, unlike electromechanical relays, they did not make a lot of noise. But, solid state relays also had a considerable number of demerits.

If the device required more than a hundred amperes of power to function, then solid state relays proved futile. Hence, scientists took measures to combine the positive aspects of electromechanical relays and solid-state relays. Very soon hybrid relays took over the world of electronics leading to the development of high quality and low energy consuming gadgets.

Excellence was never far away

Hybrid relays have the power of EMRs combined with the efficiency of SSRs. The hybrid principle can be used in creating switching systems of different kinds. Thermal relays and reed relays are also popular with many manufacturers of electronic gadgets. However, they can cater to the needs of very few devices. As a result of this, their popularity is nowhere near the efficiency of hybrid relays.

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