Get the Best of Both Worlds In Hybrid Relays

Traditionally, electromagnetic switches were used in a large number of devices. They were prone to a lot of friction and wore out pretty quickly. A lot of maintenance at frequent intervals was needed to make sure that they kept on functioning correctly. Electrical devices which used electromechanical relays consumed a lot of power. At the same time, switching between AC and DC load used to be a time-consuming affair.

How Hybrid Relays Can Simplify Compliance ?

SSRs changed the landscape

The advent of solid state relays was a big step towards the eradication of all problems that were posed by electromechanical switches. But, solid state relays had substantial limitations which prevented their use in most electrical gadgets. If the device needed more than hundred amperes power, the solid-state relays proved to be ineffective. So, engineers continued using electromechanical switches when designing high power equipment.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Since both solid-state relays, as well as electromechanical relays, proved to be deficient in several ways, an optimum solution was always around the corner. As a result, hybrid switches arrived on the scene and made the lives of millions of people across the world more accessible. Hybrid relays make use of elements from both static as well as magnetic switches.

Why Are Hybrid relays practical?

A hybrid of SSRs and EMRs can function even when a lot of power is used by specific equipment. At the same time, hybrid relays can make sure that the switching between loads does not take a lot of time. Unlike Electromechanical switches, they are not prone to friction, and hence they can last for substantial periods without any wear and tear.

Hybrid relays for all times

The best thing about a combination of solid and magnetic switches is that application has widened significantly. Energy consumption by hybrid switches is much less than the power which was used by electromechanical relays. They can work efficiently not only on DC but also on AC devices. But it is crucial that the aptest kind of hybrid relays is used to get the best results.

Wide range of applications

High-quality hybrid switches can be useful even in case of devices that require zero voltage switching. Hybrid switches make very little noise when they operate. As a result, their power consumption is reasonable. It makes them cost-effective. It would be apt to say that, hybrid relays they have all the benefits of solid state relays along with the positive effects of electro mechanical switches.

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