The general introduction to the reed switch technology

One of the common problems which all the users of the gas and water meters face is low-power metering and position sensing, and hence the engineers have brought a smart solution for the position sensing problems. The electrical engineers are using the latest modes of technology like the magnetoresistive (MR) or the hall effect sensors, which can take care of the sensitivity, durability, and reliability of the electrical appliance.

The new innovative technology offers herds of benefits to the electrical society somewhat, but they somehow lag behind some of the best features provided by the reed switch technology. For the recent three-to-four decades, the reed switch technology has been at the top when the concern is for operating the low-power switches with battery-operated applications.

We have brought here some of the best advantages of using the reed switch technology and all the ways of customizing the reed switch for diverse applications. We will also over-look on some reasons as to why the reed switch technology is in hype across the planet. We will also sense the pivotal position of the technology and how does the reed switch technology controls the market.

All about the low-power metering demands

The gas and water meters have automatic meter systems fitted along their body, which consist of sensors which demand low power. The reading of the water and gas is measured by a magnet that is attached to a shaft present on the meter. Every single revolution of the attraction is either directly or indirectly converted into an electrical signal, which is later controlled by an embedded system.

The critical parameter design is directly proportional to the low power demands in the system. The average lifetime of all the gas and water meters is twenty years without the replacement of the batteries.

The simple customization of the reed switch technology

The reed switch technology is aesthetic, but as it offers reliability and durability to the low-power applications, it is the first choice for all the users. Generally, a reed switch is an electrical switch that is controlled by a magnetic field. The composition of the reed switch consists of three or four metal pieces called reeds, which contain plated contacts at small distances. The Reed is later enclosed inside a glass tube with inert gas.

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