What are the relay and its applications?

Generally, a relay is an automated power regulating solution which does not demand any manual help for opening and closing of the switch. The relays instead use an electrical signal to switch OFF and ON the power. In the industry, most of the experts also call the electrical signal as a gatekeeper for the more significant electrical signal. One of the prominent features of the relays which have granted them a special place in the electrical market is the ability to use low power control over a high power signal.

All the people in the electrical field have different prospects, and hence it becomes difficult to say who among the electromechanical and solid-state relay the best in the market. Some people might go with the solid-state relay while others might like to go obviously with the electromechanical relay. Let us overlook some of the notable differences between both types of relays, which can help in a more in-depth understanding of the concept.

The characteristic differences between the electromechanical and SSR relay

All about the electromechanical relay
The electromechanical relay uses physical and moving components to attach with its output. The movement of the physical parts in the electromechanical relay is controlled by the electromagnetic forces of nature, which allow the low power control to complete the circuit with a high –power signal. One can hear the click sound the electromechanical relay, which can help in some crucial situations.

All about the solid-state relay
Most of the experts in the electrical field consider the solid-state relay as the poster boy of the semiconductor industry, which has fascinated all the fancies. The SSR uses the optocoupler to energize the output signal, which in turn acts as a switch and allows the high-voltage message to move through the entire component of the solid-state relay. The solid-state relay does not have any moving parts and hence make them entirely in a stable state.

What are the advantages of SSR over the electromechanical relay?

The solid-state relay or the SSR comes with astronomical prices, but they also carry good benefits over the electromechanical relay. The SSR does not produce noise and hence saves energy. The SSR also consumes low power. The SSR also works faster than the electromechanical relay with durability in harsh environments with no loss due to vibrations.

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