Benefits Of Using Reed Switch Technology

Reed Switch Technology is used in low power metering applications. This is an innovative technology which offers several other benefits. Reed switch technology is a mature technology which is known for its simplicity and reliability. You know that reed switches were used for low power and battery operated applications. Low power consumption is the critical characteristic of the reed switch technology. Customizing the application to specific requirements is possible. The following are the benefits of using reed switch technology.

What are the advantages in using Reed Switches ?

Low Operating Power

This technology is based on low operating power; thus it requires little power compared to MR and Hall effect sensors. This is achieved by the use of a low duty cycle of active sensing. This makes use of constant current to run the oscillator. The reed switches do not require power for its operations and are called passive components. Lower power consumption is achieved with the use of Reed Switches. Thus it reduces cost and the battery size requirements. Therefore make use of reed switches for power-sensitive applications with greater power efficiency.

Tight Power Usage Tolerance

Solid state devices operate with the maximum operating current; thus it draws maximum current from the batteries. This would reduce the lifetime of the product. With reed switch, the current draw is set by resistor and power supply rail. The power supply is tighter than solid devices. Thus power consumption is lowest with the reed switch.

Precise Magnetic Sensitivity

Sensitivity to a magnetic field is an essential feature of Reed switch. This is measured in terms of ampere-turns and this directly proportional to the current in the coil multiplied by the number of turns. The reed switches are accurate than the solid state digital switch. This is required for the functioning under various conditions.

Simple Customization

Solid state switches come with one standard size that fits all the applications. The sensitivity ranges vary in wide ranges. If the application does not meet your requirement, then it is not possible for a custom solution.

Reed switches come with custom sensitivity ranges, and it can be customized to satisfy the specific requirements of the application. Applications may require a varied range of sensitivity. This versatility makes the reed switch technology mostly preferred by people for all applications. Reed switches come with various options like mechanical packaging, termination options, etc. so that it can be fit in various applications. Reed switches can be used continuously without any break with a speed of hundreds of time per second.

Inherent Switch point Hysteresis

Hysteresis is nothing but the difference in the magnetic field between the operating point and release point of a device. Hysteresis is required for metering applications. In solid-state devices, hysteresis should be created, but with the reed switch, it posses inherent hysteresis and offers better reliability to metering applications.

The above are some of the essential benefits of using reed switch technology in various applications. It is possible to save a lot of money with the help of reed switch technology. Thus the use of reed switch technology offers the above benefits to low metering applications.

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