To control the high electrical power devices, electromechanical relays are used in the form of switches. Today, they are used in many of the electrical machines where it is important for circuit control with low signal power. It is also used when many circuits need control through one switch or signal. Electromechanical relays comprise of electronic parts that make the operation possible for varied applications. They are mostly used in aerospace, general aviation and technologies of wireless industries and also have many more applications to their credit. As many as thousand electrical devices require electromechanical relays for its operation.

Before we proceed to its types, let’s take a look at what exactly is Electromechanical Relay in detail.

Electromechanical Relays are known as a simple switch

It can be referred to as an electronic switch. They are actually used when many parts need to be controlled by one switch or operation foe low signal power. The electromechanical relays can be differentiated to many types and its type primly depends on the specific device.

Some relays demand electromagnet, in other words, a magnet, in which the electric current produces a magnetic field. The current disappears when it is switched off. A relay that controls the devices of high power like the electric motor is known as the Contractor.

How does the Electromechanical Relay works?

The relays are much in demand in a place where the small amounted power is needed to be transferred to a large amounted power. They are known to contain many electronic parts for it to run smoothly and successfully. It includes electromagnetic, which controls the closing and opening of the relay, armature, also known as the moving part which closes and opens the electromagnetic parts. Apart from this, other parts that include spring, which forces back the relay to its old position after every revolution. Electrical contact sets are needed for power transformation.

Relays are commonly used in most of the modern homes

The prime aim of the relay is to transfer a small power amount to a large power amount. They have found its place in modern house appliances like the kitchen appliances, hair drier, lights, etc that need to be switched off and on. Their usage has also extended in the car, where it requires on and off. Today, car manufacturers use relay panels in fusion box because it helps to maintain simple and easy. Hence, they have found their place in almost all the things that surround us.

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