Know Some Facts About A Reed Relay

Know Some Facts About A Reed Relay

The term ‘Relay’ in the field of electrical or electronic engineering is known to be a device used to activate a specific circuit. Also, the term applies for transmitting signals from one place to another in the field of communication engineering. In this short article, we indent to discuss about Reed Relay, which one of the types of relays used in the electrical or electrical circuits. To further reading about these reed relays readers can use the World Wide Web and get benefitted. A reed relay contains a coil, a reed switch and in few cases diode which are encapsulated into a small or bog box with its connection terminals.

Some Technical Facts About Reed Relays 

As a device, a reed relay has a low resistance metallic part which is connected in the circuit to offer isolation as well as to connect the circuit in accordance to the application for which it is being used. To put it simply, a reed relay is an activated switch either to make on or off the current path of any given circuit. In general, the reed relays are categorized as open or closed type device used in a circuit to do some specific functions as per the design and application of the device as a whole.

Reed relays are widely used in many electronic or electrical products ranging from normal voltage stabilizers used in our home, to complex devices used in aero space devices. In short, a reed relay is noting but an automatic switch which is activated only one specific condition like voltage or current fluctuations of any equipment. High capacity reed relays are used in many electrical applications which are used in power station, power distribution centers and so on.

Reed relays are designed and used in a closed environment in order to avoid any air contamination that can hamper the function of switching inside the relay encapsulated container. These relays come in various sizes and used according to many factors like power rating, thermal rating and so on. All the refrigerators use this device in order to make the unit to switch on or off in accordance with the inside temperature. Many of us should be familiar with the sound produced by our home air-conditioners or refrigerators, and this sound is produced by these relays inside the circuit.

The automatic switching of reed relays happens when the coil used near the relay gets energized and activate the needed switching. This action takes place in the coil through magnetic reflux which controls the reed relay terminals which are nothing buy copper terminals which act as a switch. Here the coil plays a key role in making the contacts in the reed relay terminals. Since a mechanical contact is established in all types of relays, these devices are also called as electro-mechanical device by the designers.

In the recent times, these reed relays come in many forms according to their application. Solid state relays are also available in the market which noting buy an electronic switch where there is no coil or reed are used. These circuits are used in many products, and it will not make any noise while switching, unlike the reed relays.

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