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About Us

Naaz Electronics has been one of the leading electronic system distributors all over the Indian subcontinent for the past three decades. The professionally trained and experienced staff at Naaz Electronics will be able to guide you through the different relay products available. A relay can be described as a switch that is electrically operated. Most relays make use of an electromagnet to operate the switch. However, their principles like solid state relays are also in use today. When a circuit needs to be controlled using a spate low power signal, a relay comes in quite handy. Relays were initially in telegraph circuits which used to cover long distances. They enabled the signals to be repeated from one circuit and transmitted to another, till the signal reached its destination.

Naaz electronics deals in different types of relay in India. Some of the popular types include Electrical relays, Power relays, Protective Relays, Solid State Relays, Motor Protection Relays, Overload Relays and so on. If you are looking for information about different relays, you have come to the right website. The staff at Naaz Electronics is more than happy to help out their clients and visitors to figuring out which type of relay will work well for their situation. With different kinds of electronic systems including smart home systems hitting the market, it is not a surprise that the demand for relays have been steadily growing. With a dedicated 24/7 customer care center, Naaz Electronics is devoted to providing the best experiences possible to each and every customer.